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Skinarc Powder


Skinarc Cream

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Soranarc Cream

Doctor’s first choice in treatment of eczema, psoriasis and fungal infection.

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• Possess Analgesic, Anti-Microbial, and
Anti-Bacterial properties
• Provides faster relief from itching and
burning sensation
• Reduces inflammation
• Moisturizing effect
• Promotes skin healing
• Preventing flare ups
• Non invasive
• Non comedogenic
• Improves Skin barrier function
• Prevention of skin dryness



1000 g Cream Contains

Lathakaranja (Caesalpinia bonduc) 27.5 gm
Changeri (Oxalis corniculata) 27.5 gm
Prapunnada (Cassia tora) 27.5 gm
Karanja (Pongamia pinnata) 27.5 gm
Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum) 27.5 gm
Nimba (Azadirachta indica) 27.5 gm
Cream Base q.s


Recommended Use

Apply 2-3 times a day on the affected area or as directed by physician. Apply for a minimum of three months to see the best results

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