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Vasishta Pharmaceuticals is one of the distinguished manufacturers and marketers of the Ayurvedic range of healthcare products. We have for nearly a decade encapsulated customer faith with our finest natural herbal products of superior quality under a modern processing system. We have been successfully able to build a vast customer base in India and Abroad Everywhere due to our unflinching commitment to the quality of our Ayurvedic products. We have in recent years extended these values of trust heritage and excellence in the global market too. VASISTHA an accredited GMP-certified manufacturing facility started its operations with a dream to serve society with a prime focus on “Ayurveda for Arogya” and is incessantly serving for almost a decade in the home state of Karnataka and its neighborhood. We have achieved rapid growth carving a niche in the market in the category of Cardiology, Anti-Diabetic, Gynecology, Dermatology, Pediatric, Obesity, Orthopedic, Anti Hemmorohids, Stress related, etc., and we have emerged successfully, in effectively combining the traditional acquaintance with the latest modern sophisticated technological system benefitting the humankind to lead a healthy and longer life.

Treat your body with the care of Ayurveda.

Vasishta Pharmaceuticals has always been committed to providing the highest quality products with its uncompromised quality management. It has adopted the most rigorous requirements to match the best on quality aspects. The products are manufactured scientifically without compromising on their cultural value, a perfect combination of advantages of both worlds.

All the inward raw materials are washed, dried, and allowed to go through the IN-HOUSE testing to identify Purity and Strength. Only upon passing the standard parameters the raw materials are sent for processing. The finished products will pass through stringent test parameters such as HEAVY METALS TEST & MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTS before they are exported.

Our Research and Development team has an urge to formulate new molecules that can reach the masses for their well-being at highly competitive prices


At Vasishta Pharmaceuticals We are dedicated to

  • Quality and Innovation:

    Continuously enhance and innovate our product range, incorporating the best of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with the latest technological advancements to ensure uncompromised quality.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    Understand and address the diverse healthcare needs of our customers, offering a wide range of products and services to cater to their individual requirements.

  • Quality Assurance

    Uphold the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy in our products, from sourcing raw materials to rigorous testing, to guarantee the well-being of our customers.


“To be a globally recognized leader in the field of Ayurvedic healthcare, promoting holistic well-being and longevity through the finest natural herbal products and cutting-edge research. We aspire to harmonize tradition and technology, striving for a healthier, happier world.”


“At Vasishta Pharmaceuticals, our mission is to serve society by providing superior Ayurvedic healthcare solutions that are rooted in tradition, scientifically advanced, and accessible to all.

Our Core Values - Connecting with Nature

These core values distinguish Vasishta Pharmaceuticals as a company that stands out for its unique approach and steadfast commitment to SUCCESS.

S - Strive for Excellence

A commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of high standards.

U - Unity

Fostering collaboration, teamwork, and a sense of unity among individuals.

C - Credibility

Upholding trust and credibility through honest and transparent business practices

C - Commitment

A dedicated and unwavering commitment to achieving goals and surpassing challenges.

E - Empathy

Cultivating understanding, compassion, and empathy for others.

S - Sustainability

Integrating sustainable practices and considering long-term impacts in decision-making.

S - Stewardship

Demonstrating responsible and ethical leadership, taking ownership of actions and decisions.

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