Treat your body with the care of Ayurveda.

Vasishta Pharmaceuticals provides third-party manufacturing, private labeling, and white labeling services for Ayurveda and herbal products. The company boasts a portfolio of 50+ FSSAI approved and ISO certified products for Ayurvedic proprietary medicines, supported by an in-house research and development team.

Services Provided By Vasishta Pharmaceuticals – Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers

Vasishta Pharmaceuticals  stands as a leading Ayurvedic Product Manufacturing Company in India and a prominent Exporter of Herbal Ayurvedic Products.

  • Contract manufacturing/Third party manufacturing and Private labelling for all Ayurvedic, herbal and nutraseutical products.
  • An in-house design team and product development team that can assist in labelling, packaging requirements and custom formulation development too.

What Sets Us Apart?

Vashishta Pharmaceuticals meticulously prepares medicines strictly adhering to ancient Ayurvedic texts. Crafted from pure natural herbs sourced from the pristine surroundings of deep forests and valleys, our formulations exclude artificial substitutes and preservatives, ensuring authenticity and no side effects. Our commitment extends to a meticulous process for crafting the most authentic Ayurvedic medicines.

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